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Escrow 101

An escrow is defined as a secure and neutral holding place for the documents and funds that are used to complete the transfer of real properties, equities and assets.

As the Escrow Holder, Sterling ETS serves as an impartial, third party who is entrusted with the safekeeping of the documents and funds until the contractual obligations of the principals (the Buyer and Seller) have been fulfilled.

Escrow FAQ

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Personal professional attention.
Building bridges bringing agents, brokers buyers and sellers together.

Trade Escrow

Expect Great Things

Dealing with previously unknown sellers and or buyers can raise concerns when trading in high value or capital goods between them such as the availability of capital and the quality of the goods being sold. In such situations trade escrow provides a secure settlement mechanism that:

  • Ensure Payment
  • Improve Cash flow
  • Ensure Supplies deliver on time
  • Protect your Business when trading abroad
  • Safeguards the seller by ensuring that ‘funds are securely allocated and available for payment when the goods are acquired by the buyer.
  • Protects the buyer by ensuring that his ‘allocated’ funds are transferred to the seller only when he is satisfied that the goods as delivered are acceptable.

Acting as Agent, we will start a standard Escrow Agreement, amend it to incorporate the particular needs which can contain specific performance criteria which when both the buyer and seller are satisfied will result in the transfer of capital. Once the Escrow Agreement is actualized the buyer deposits the required funds in the secure escrow account managed by us. On delivery of the goods in accordance with the terms and the criteria specified in the agreement, payment is transferred to the seller.

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